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Lake Love

Lugana is positioned on the beautiful southern Italian shores of Lake Garda, the largest lake in Italy sitting at 370 km, forming more than 10,000 years ago thanks to glacial activity. This resulted in a unique microclimate perfect for winemaking.

Meet Turbiana, an ancient native variety

This indigenous white grape called Turbiana dates all the way back to ancient Roman times and thrives here in low-lying plains. It has thick skin, densely packed bunches, and great acidity. Turbiana prides itself on the ability to maintain high levels of tartaric acid, lending freshness to young wines, while giving Reserve wines an impressive aging potential of up to 10 years and more.

Marvelous microclimate

Densely packed, light colored clay soil which sits on top of a mineral-rich bed of glacial moraine foothill, create the perfect scene for winemaking. The favorable diurnal range of temperature is also thanks to the Peler (cold night wind from the North) and Ora (warm breeze from the South) that comb through the vineyards alternating crucial sun and rest in addition to keeping stagnant air at bay.


Lugana wine is fresh and approachable while offering an important acidity, giving the wines the potential for aging. Lugana is made in 5 different styles, demonstrating the versatility of the Turbiana grape, all with DOC designation: Lugana, Superiore, Riserva, Vendemmia tardiva (late harvest), and Spumante (sparkling).

Food pairing

The rich body balanced with lively acidity and a floral bouquet pair well with comfort food from the sea. Think grilled shrimp and vongole pasta, fresh oysters, and lake trout. The aromatic qualities and nutty notes also make it a perfect aperitif by itself.

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